Sunday, February 3, 2013

K's newborn pics

I never posted this little doll's newborn pictures, so let's begin the game of catch up here!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

Riley was a little obsessed with Halloween this year. Some houses in our neighborhood went all out with decorations and we spent many evenings driving by again and again. It was all so exciting for him! He even had me tell bedtime stories about trick or treating (I still have to tell them now a week later). Can't wait for the magic of Christmas with him!

This little pumpkin stayed home with Daddy, but had to look cute doing it of course.

And never to forget our first "baby" Mia.

Decorating cookies with friends.

Kennedy's first month

Enjoy this deliciousness!

@ 1 week

1st bath. Join the club of not being able to bathe alone!

Scratched up face :( Grandma come clip my nails!

2 weeks
9 lbs 6 oz    86th%
21.3 inches    88th%
head 14.5 inches    88th%

3 weeks

 4 weeks

1 month!

Kennedy's first month has flown by. She is such a sweet baby! My parents arrived the day after we got home from the hospital and my dear momma spent the first week taking care of Kennedy during the nights, what a blessing! Kennedy spent the first couple weeks up every 1.5-2 hours for her bottle. She was almost always asleep in between feedings which was sooo different than Riley. He was a happy sweet baby, but NEVER slept during the day. She gradually made it to 3 hours, then 4 a few nights and bless her heart last night she slept 7 hours straight! She takes several naps throughout the day, many times for several hours. She generally drinks 2-4 oz of formula when she eats. She was very hard to share a room with in the beginning because she was such a loud sleeper. She would grunt all night! She's gotten better or we've gotten used to it. 
She's so content and just goes along with us everywhere. 
She's loves baths and being naked. She loves for me to drip some water in her mouth while taking a bath. She opens and sticks her tongue our grunting for it! It's hilarious. 
She sounds like she's hyperventilating when she wakes up and wants her bottle, but doesn't really cry.
Swaddling is a must for sleeping. When she sleeps at home she only sleeps in her bouncer chair. She hates to sleep laying flat and will wake up within minutes.
She always has crazy hair in pictures, but mostly cause I bathe her at night and I don't re-fix it. I'm a very lazy mom when it comes to my kids hair. I gotta do better. I bought all headbands for her, but now I think they look a little funky with all her hair so I need to get some bows I can clip in.
The last week or so she has begun to have a fussy period in the evenings before bed, but I think she just wants to be held and get some attention after competing with her big brother all day. 
Riley has done great. For the most part he is uninterested in K. Occasionally, he'll sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star if she cries or pet her on the head. He never complains if I need to feed her and waits patiently for what he needs. He will ask her to be quiet sometimes if she's crying.
For me, I feel completely adjusted after a month. You forget how long it takes to get out the door with a new baby, but we eventually arrive to wherever we are going. I'm sure hard times are coming, but so far it hasn't been a tough adjustment at all. 

Kennedy's Birth

Today Kennedy is 1 month old, so I figured I'd better post her birth story before I forget! I love to look back and read them later, so be prepared for the detailed version.
Let me preface this with I had declared when I knew my due date and throughout the pregnancy I would go into labor on October 6. It was the LSU/Florida football game, which we normally travel to, but obviously couldn't this year. It's a big rivalry for Craig and I so I joked the game would put me in labor. How ironic I actually had her on that day!
I awoke Saturday, October 6 around 3:45 AM experiencing some discomfort. I had wondered if I would know when I went into labor because with Riley my water broke and I never felt contractions until hours and hours later and then I had an epidural pretty quickly. With this pregnancy I had finally been able to tell when I was having contractions and I had had them on a few occasions as frequently as 2 minutes apart for hours, but never feeling pain. When I awoke this time I was having pain in my lower right side, but it was continuous. I was too uncomfortable to sleep, so I decided to try and determine if I was having contractions and time them. I grew more uncomfortable and finally so uncomfortable I couldn't focus on timing our counting. I wanted to be sure I needed to go to the hospital because it meant waking Craig and Cameron and Anne's family for someone to come over and stay with Riley. Finally around 5:45, I couldn't take much more. I woke Craig and said I was hurting, but didn't think it was contractions. I was soon hunched over on the floor and decided if it wasn't contractions, I probably still needed to go. Even if this was gas, I needed some medication! 
I found out later when Craig called Cameron, he said no hurry. Nevermind I could barely stand. We arrived at the hospital at 6:30. They wheeled me in and hooked me up to the monitors. I was 2-3 cm at 7AM and contracting every 2 minutes. I soon started feeling much better, though the contractions continued. It was a Saturday, but my Dr. was there by 9 and I was 3-4 cm. He said I was progressing slowly. He could send me home and I'd probably be back later or we could have a baby today. By this point I'd put in 5-6 hours of pain and certainly didn't want to repeat it so I said let's have a baby! I had the option of using the on call Dr. or waiting for my Dr. as he had to come and go on a Saturday. I chose my own of course, so things probably could have happened more quickly but we spent time waiting on him. We spent the day watching college football and texting with family and friends. I eventually had to stop reading the texts because I was laughing so hard it was causing a lot of pain! We really had so much fun that day! 
I wasn't checked again until 2 PM and was still only a 4. I should add that we were also waiting around because I had to have antibiotics before I delivered the baby so we had to get a couple rounds in first. At 2 PM he broke my water, I was nervous because I hadn't had my epidural, but it wasn't bad at all. Strange feeling though. I asked for my epidural about 20 minutes later and it took about another hour before I had it. Both deliveries I've had to be put on oxygen after I get the epi because our blood pressure drops. I LOVE being on oxygen and my nurse let me keep it as long as I wanted. I could breathe so easily for the first time in months! 
At 4:15 I was STILL a 4. (I'm not sure my body would ever have a baby on it's own!) so we started Pitocin. I was 70-80% effaced and -1.  
I was relaxed and comfy now and progressing well. They checked me at some point after 7 PM and I was soon a 9. My Dr. had gone home at this point as he lived really nearby. I told Craig I was feeling a lot of pressure, but I'm not sure he was getting my point. I pressed the nurse call button and calmly told them I was pretty sure the baby was about to fall out! They laughed, but came back to check. (They had JUST checked moments before). The nurse quickly said lay on your side and keep your legs closed! We gotta get the Dr. back! This is about the point Craig and I exchange that OH CRAP! look, we're about to have a baby! 
I pushed a few times for maybe 60 seconds and we quickly had our little girl in our arms!

7:44 PM 8lbs 7oz 19 3/4 inches

I seriously LOVE labor and delivery, I would do it again tomorrow! There's nothing like getting that baby in your arms for the first time. We can't wait to do it again :)

This is what Craig spent most of the day doing.

Me loving my oxygen!

Our little miss.

We hadn't chosen a name for baby girl. We had a few we liked, but just couldn't make a decision. We often had Riley say all the names we liked and joked we would use whichever he said the cutest way. When he came in ( he was in the waiting room at this point) we asked what her name should be and he replied "Kenneny" aka Kennedy. We thought that was funny he actually said a name, and one from our list! Each day when he came to visit we asked and "Kenneny" was always his Kennedy it was!

 Like I said, I love labor and delivery, but as soon as baby arrives I want out of there! I HATE the hospital stay, I get so depressed sitting in that room cooped up and especially this time away from Riley. We were so happy to go home!!

More to come about our sweet girl.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The day that changed my life forever,

or maybe it was only 10 days, but it felt like forever. I lost my cell phone. It wasn't uncommon for me to do so lately, as my pregnant brain is at half power at best. And since I never found it, I suspect there were some little boys who could have had something to do with it. Anyways, I was due for an upgrade and was planning on the new iphone 5, so I decided to wait it out phoneless. The first few days were hard, but then it was kinda nice. It was such a sense of freedom, I can't believe how much we depend our our cell phones. Sadly, I lost whatever pictures and videos were on there...including a visit from my brother, parents (my dad's birthday) and other numerous things. I know we've had house guests the majority of the past month, but I can't seem to remember many details. Serious pregnant brain over here. Most recently we had a fun visit from Grandpa George and Kent and Natalie. I did have a phone for most of that...but alas no pics. So here are a few from the past week!

Possible culprits?? This was the day I lost my phone...and no this is not a three seater.

As of late, Riley likes to eat his meals under the table.

Desperately needing a haircut.

What I look like these days.

First pumpkin patch of the season.

Hot and sweaty!

I think I put off haircuts because every time it's cut he looks so much older. If I don't cut it he stays my baby longer :(
Besides that, I'm due with a baby here in a week or stay tuned!